Research Executives
Job Profile : You will start off by acquiring an in-depth understanding of the background of the consulting or research assignment allotted to you. This will involve visiting big libraries and browsing the internet to collect relevant material. You will also make some field visits and interact with the concerned functionaries/beneficiaries to get a true picture of the ground realities. Armed with basic knowledge, you will then interact with the client officials to understand their needs and constraints. You may get an idea of the various types of consulting and research assignments that come to AMS, in the section 'Our Assignments'.

After a thorough understanding of the assignment, you will conceptualize the operational strategy for its execution. For a typical research assignment, the operational strategy will spell out — issues to be probed, methods of data collection, design of research instruments, sample size, sampling methodology, etc. You will be allocated a Field Officer/Field Executive who will assist you in managing the field work through a team of Research Investigators. Our Field Officers/Field Executives are well versed in ensuring quality field work. Your main role would be to analyze data and write research reports.

In consulting assignments such as designing an information system, you would yourself be required to undertake several visits to your clients in order to get an in-depth understanding of their pattern of working. Further, as you design the new system, you will be required to have exhaustive interactions with them at various levels so as to ensure that your design comes out pragmatic and therefore doable.

What We Look for: A two-year, full-time course in Management / Social Sciences, good academic record, command over Written English with proficiency in computer, and 2-5 years of work experience are the basic requirements. Candidates with demonstrated flair for writing reports / articles are preferred.