Unit Heads
Job Profile: As a Unit Head, you will be required to develop and maintain permanent relationships with your clients (International Agencies & Government Departments) by providing them valuable consulting and research services. You will start off by acquiring an in-depth knowledge of their working. You will visit their senior & middle level officials and apprise them about our areas of expertise and competence.

You will prepare and submit technical & financial proposals in response to tenders. You will also proactively identify some assignments which you believe will help clients improve their overall performance. Besides, you will make regular follow-up visits post the submissions in an attempt to win the contracts. Initially, you will have to personally execute some of the assignments to get some hands-on experience. Later, you will get the assignments executed through Research Executives and Research Analysts in your unit.

A successful Unit Head will act as a Profit Centre Head and will be committed to growing his unit year after year.

What Do We Look For: A two-year full-time management course at a reputed institute and top-notch communication skill — are the two basic requirements. An ideal candidate would be in the age group of 35-45 years, with around 10-15 years of working experience, preferably as a Profit Centre Head at any reputed organization. Above all, we are looking for mature people who intend to make a permanent career with AMS.