What We Do
Society is changing and people are demanding faster and better quality services from their government. At the same time, governments are facing severe resource constraint on account of a number of factors. Many government departments see this challenge as an opportunity to revolutionize the way they function.

They are wanting to devise strategies that increase the speed of their decision-making and operations. They are interested in creating new organisation structures that are responsive to their customers and adapt well with the changes in the socio-economic environment. They are keen on making optimal utilisation of their resources.

As a management consulting company, AMS helps the government departments in improving their performance in a number of ways. We conduct research studies to get an insight into the needs and aspirations of their customers. Based on the findings, we help the departments in devising appropriate strategies and interventions to fulfill the needs of their customers. We advise them on designing efficient organisation structures and systems to implement these strategies. All these components are compiled in the form of a Project Implementation Plan (PIP) which is then presented before the funding agencies like World Bank, USAID, etc.

After a Project is approved and the department starts implementing it, we offer our services for regular monitoring of the progress of its implementation. Sometimes, we are also involved in training the project functionaries to ensure its proper implementation. For some projects, we are also required to conduct mid-term and end-term evaluation studies to measure their net impact.