Our Culture

Although serving the clients with passion and empathy is at the core of our culture, yet we devote an equal amount of our energy to make AMS a great place to work.

A place where you trust the people you work for . We not only do what we say, quite often we walk the extra mile to uphold the trust of our people.

A place where you have pride in what you do. One may notice that we have not used the phrase— "....... fun in what you do". Fun is much easier to get than pride which demands a heavy price. One has to work really hard and long to produce a work of quality within a limited time-frame. Our culture demands each work to be the best and not just one of the best in its category.

A place where you enjoy the people you work with. Each one of us is responsive to the needs of others and focused on relationships. We respect the diversity of opinions and trust each other.

Although the staff members at AMS care very much about each other, yet the organization fosters an element of independence in its work culture. In fact, one has the privilege to work at AMS with a great deal of freedom. None interferes in your work unless you want. Nobody watches you over your shoulders constantly. One is free to do anything within the institutional norms as long as it serves the best interests of the client.

At AMS, client service means exceeding expectations, giving more than what is normally expected. It takes sheer hard work to first have an understanding of the client needs & constraints and then to work towards developing a pragmatic and doable solution to his problems.