Our Values

AMS is distinguished by four core values, the essential and enduring tenets of our culture. At the very heart of all our actions, these shaped AMS into what it is today and will continue to guide all our endeavours in the future.

Absolute Transparency: In how many recruitment advertisements, do we find the salary component clearly spelt out? We at AMS do all our advertisements with the compensation part displayed upfront. Besides, we painstakingly ensure that all our actions and decisions are totally transparent to all the stakeholders.

Permanent Relationships: We believe in building permanent relationships both with our clients as well as with our own people. We abhor fair-weather friends and seek out only those who we are sure would stay with us through thick and thin.

Honour before Money: Honour of AMS and each one of our people is more important than anything else in the world. Honour of the company and its people is always maintained, even if it means losing out a major business. We are not money minded. Our aim is to lead a dignified life, a life worthy of living.

Freedom & Self Discipline : At AMS, each one of us is treated as a mature person and given full freedom to plan one's activities. Seniors are not constantly watching over our shoulders. Rather, each one of us is expected to be self-disciplined. Guidance of the Seniors is readily available, but they don't unnecessarily interfere in our work.