Mr. A. K. Dwivedi ( Director )
Mr. Dwivedi, an alumnus of the prestigious IIM-Ahmedabad founded AMS in 1991 and has since been heading the company. An accomplished researcher, Mr. Dwivedi is widely recognized as an authority in statistical analysis as applied in social research. Mr. Dwivedi has several research studies to his credit, done for an illustrious array of clients including the World Bank, USAID, Unicef, Planning Commission of India, etc. Besides, Mr. Dwivedi also holds the distinction of having been nominated as the State Consultant for preparing the Project Implementation Plans (PIP) of several externally aided projects such as the World Bank funded Heath Systems Development Project, Integrated Child Development Services-Reforms projects and the like.

Mr. S. N. Joshi ( Unit Head, Uttarakhand )

A Gold Medalist in Social Sciences from XISS, Ranchi, and with a professional experience of over 30 years, Mr. Joshi is a recognized expert in the field of women and child development. Besides being a Master Trainer of national repute for the Government's Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme under the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Mr. Joshi has undertaken several monitoring & evaluation and impact assessment studies too in the sector. Further, Mr. Joshi has also successfully conducted such research studies across various other sectors. Evaluating the Activities of Mobile Medical Vans, Evaluation of Dairy Development Schemes and Evaluating the Implementation of Loan Grant Scheme for the SCs, STs and Minorities are some of the recent projects done by Mr. Joshi that deserve to be mentioned in the context.

Mr. Sunjay Ratra ( Unit Head, Rajasthan )

An MBA of 1984, Mr. Sunjay Ratra holds expertise and rich professional experience spanning over 25 years in conceptualizing, planning and moduling of large scale socio-economic surveys and evaluation projects across various sectors of development. More specifically, Mr. Ratra possesses professional experience of working in the fields of Micro Finance, Micro Entrepreneurship Development, Rural Marketing, SHG formation, Women Empowerment, etc. Mr. Ratra is also a recognized State Level Chief Master Trainer in the Women SHG Institute of the Govt. of Rajasthan. Besides, Mr. Ratra is a noted authority in project estimations and planning for rural marketing projects.

Dr. S.S. Jha ( Unit Head )
A doctorate of 1987 and with a total professional experience of over 20 years, Dr. Jha is known for his expertise in managing large-scale socio-economic surveys and designing quality control systems for maintaining data quality. In his 7-year long stint with the company, he has successfully managed the execution of several large-scale, socio-economic, country-wide surveys both for Govt. of India and several State governments. Notable and recent among them are the Annual Health Survey; Baseline Survey of Multi-input Area Development Programme in Bihar; Baseline Survey of Health Facilities & Slums in 14 NUHM Cities in Uttar Pradesh; and Baseline Survey of the Slum Population in Delhi. Besides his survey experience, Dr. Jha has also spearheaded the execution of quite a few monitoring & evaluation and impact assessment studies of the Government schemes across the sector of rural development. As a mark of distinction, Dr. Jha represented AMS as the National Level Monitor (NLM) authorized by Govt. of India to conduct the monitoring of all rural development schemes in the districts of Bihar.

Mr. Santosh Pant ( Senior Consultant )
A Geologist by profession, Mr. Pant has to his credit a long standing experience in the field of environmental conservation and pollution control. As a Geologist, apart from mineral exploration, environmental aspects, such as, air, water and sound pollution, ground water pollution, etc. formed an important component of his professional activities. Mr. Pant has also been the co-founder of the Ecomen Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. that engages itself for chemical analysis of soil, water, wastes, effluents, industrial toxins, etc. to ascertain pollution level, type of pollution and other eco-environmental aspects. In his 6-year long stint with the company, he has led the execution of several projects in the area of his expertise. District Level Monitoring of Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) & Swajaldhara Programmes; Rural Drinking Water Sector Reforms Project, World Bank sponsored U.P. Water Sector Restructuring Project (UPWSRP), Evaluation of Rajeev Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, Evaluation of Submission (Quality) Projects under Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme are just to name a few in this context.

Dr. S.N. Tripathi ( Training Director )
A doctorate in Social Science, Dr.  S. N. Tripathi possesses rich professional experience in developing training modules and organizing various training programs for the Government functionaries. He is entrusted with the overall management of the Middle Level Training Center at Moradabad, set up for providing training to ICDS Supervisors in Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Tripathi has also been associated with a number of BCC trainings, sensitization/orientation programs and convergence workshops for the Government functionaries towards enhancing inter-sectoral cooperation and coordination.

Mr. Subhajit Bhadra ( Senior Consultant )
A Post-graduate in Operations Research from Webster University, Thailand, an accredited American University headquartered at St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Mr. Bhadra has expertise and rich professional experience in conceptualizing, planning and moduling various projects related to participatory research, monitoring & evaluation,  training and community mobilization, especially in the fields of agriculture & rural development, social welfare and the like. An authority in his field, Mr. Bhadra also possesses sizable experience of planning, coordinating and executing a number of research studies, decentralized training & capacity-building programmes at various levels — right from the State, district, block, down to the village level. In addition, in his 7-year long stint with AMS, Mr. Bhadra has honed his skills in the preparation of budgetary estimates, formulating Project Implementation Plans (PIPs) and policy formulation & evaluation for various social sector projects.

Mr. Swapnil Dube ( Deputy Unit Head )
A Post-graduate in Rural Management from IIRM, Jaipur, Mr. Dube has a rich professional experience of managing large-scale socio-economic household surveys and in-depth research studies. Mr. Dube is particularly adept at planning, designing and implementing monitoring & evaluation systems for efficiency and impact measurement across various development sector projects. Besides, Mr. Dube is also proficient at designing and implementing DBMS/RDBMS for the survey-based research assignments. Associated with AMS for nearly 7 years, Mr. Dube has to his credit creation & maintenance of customized databases for several large-scale socio-economic surveys the organization has undertaken of late for its various Government clients.

Mr. Waseef Naqvi ( Senior Research Analyst )
With a Master’s degree in Irrigation & Drainage Engineering from one of India’s premier institutes, Samhigginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology & Sciences, Mr. Naqvi has been working as irrigation specialist in the area of micro irrigation systems for the last 9 years. He started his career as an Engineer with a premier irrigation firm, where he dealt with the design, installation and maintenance of the irrigation systems and further served as landscaping engineer with Blue Ridge Irrigations, Roanoke, USA. Mr. Naqvi has a number of research publications to his credit in the field of micro sprinklers and drip irrigation systems on vegetable crops. Additionally, he holds a management degree from Virginia Tech, a top-ranked university in the USA that allows him to contribute tremendously towards the agriculture and rural development endeavors being handled by AMS.

Dr. Swati Raman ( Research Analyst )
A Ph.D. in Applied Economics on the topic, "Knowledge Sharing in Indian I.T. Industry: Antecedents & Performance," Dr. Swati has had nearly 9 years of experience in Management research and academics. She has worked as a management faculty for about nine years while practicing as a Freelance Management Consultant and a Trainer alongside. She has developed and delivered customized training programs for managers and executives of a leading US based NGO supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She has undertaken a number of research assignments which were successfully converted into research papers and case studies which have been published and recognized both at national and international forums.

Mr. Vikram Katyal ( Research Analyst )
A Post-graduate in Rural Management from Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), Mr. Katyal has a total professional experience of about five years. He has worked in diverse sectors ranging from project management, microfinance, rural development and management education. Having graduated as a B. Tech in Information Technology, Mr. Katyal started off his career as software professional with one of India´s premier software consultancy firms. After a brief stint with this firm, he went on to pursue his post graduate degree following which he joined a reputed microfinance organization as Area Manager. His work involved disbursement & recovery of micro loans. He also worked as a management faculty & placement coordinator in a renowned educational group in northern India. Ever since his association with AMS, Mr. Katyal has worked on a number of projects in the area of rural management & public health. He has exhibited his proficiency in planning and designing monitoring & evaluation systems for efficiency and impact measurement across various development sector projects.

Dr. Juhi Agarwal ( Research Executive )
Dr. Juhi Agarwal completed her doctorate in Public Health & Nutrition on the topic, “Screening of Thyroid Disorders for Early Prevention” in 2011. Her major area of interest is micronutrient deficiency among women, particularly those pregnant and lactating. She joined AMS right after her Ph.D and has since undertaken quite a few assignments both of research and training in the area of Public Health & Nutrition. Baseline Survey Health Facilities and Slums in 14 NUHM Cities of UP, Health Systems 20/20 Mission Convergence Pilot Project in Delhi and Trainings of ICDS Functionaries in Uttar Pradesh on the ‘Sabla’ scheme of the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India are just a few to name in this context.

Dr. Vidha Chandra ( Research Executive )
Dr. Vidha Chandra is a healthcare professional, trained in the methods of research at the prestigious SGPGIMS, Lucknow. Dr. Chandra has to her credit successful completion of a number of research studies during her illustrious career. "Study of Hospital Supportive Services" at SGPGIMS, Lucknow; "Achieving Staff Satisfaction in Modular Operation Theatres" at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune; and "Bolstering Nursing Care Quality and Implementing Change Management in a Tertiary Care Setup: an Amalgamated Approach" are some of the major works where Dr Chandra has made significant contributions.
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