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The Story of VRITAANT

As we move towards our goals, we must always keep in mind that we owe more to the world than it owes us. Each of us should and must do his or her bit to help build a universe that will nurture our future generation. This ideology is the guiding principle adopted when designing the logo for Vritaant which is derived from the core values of AMS. Trust in one’s maturity and ability to plan and deliver, and freedom of expression and innovation, while adhering to the central spirit of quality, and time-bound service delivery – are enshrined in the logo. The logo is built on the following three elements:

  • The ‘four circles’ represent the coming together of different ideas and intellects (The Brains)

  • The ‘four bodies’ represent the multi-directional and multi-dimensional functionality of the AMS family (The Body)

  • The ‘square’ represents the hinge that connects all the bodies and the brains (The Fulcrum)

All collaboration of the brains, the bodies and the fulcrum is the source of all the impetus and strength that define the AMS Family.